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8 Things You Should Know about Power of Attorney

power of attorney must know

Power of Attorney aka POA is a known kind of document that declares a person appointed the other person to act and to behave on his behalf. Even though it is a familiar document, we may need to dig deeper … Continue reading

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5 Legal Documents Everyone Should Have

must have legal documents

Being an adult is a lot of responsibilities. We always want to make things right and proper especially when we have family and kids. We want to protect and provide them well all the time even when we are not … Continue reading

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5 Legal Processes and Procedures for Immigration to the United States

immigration to the united states process procedure tips

Many people want to apply for citizenship in United States. This can be a lot of actions and procedures. Each origin country may cause different pathway to it. However, there is general steps we will all have to file the … Continue reading

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