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8 Legal Issues Entrepreneurs Face

Becoming entrepreneur is always considered brave and brilliant. This is derived from the fact that starting our own business and succeed it will be a lot of work not to mention legal issues entrepreneur will probably face. The legal issues … Continue reading

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6 Most Common Types of Medical Negligence Damages

Medical mistakes or what we often called as malpractice happen so many times. Most of them are caused by the negligence of the medical professionals. This negligence causes many kinds of damages to patient that leads to health problems and … Continue reading

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7 Must-Have a Contract Needs to be Legally Binding

Before signing a contract, we need to make sure that it has the entire must-have components to be legally binding. What are the components? Here are seven most important components a contract should have to be considered as legally binding … Continue reading

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7 Things You Should be Aware of Lemon Law

Lemon law is a term to law in American states that regulate breached warranty for several goods. The actual name of the law can be vary on each state. The word “lemon” refers to goods regulated on it. Even though … Continue reading

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5 Most Common Types of Neurology Malpractice

Medical error has been a common report we hear now. This is awful but things are getting worse as many neurology departments are often reported to make horrible mistakes called malpractice. We should familiarize our mind with this before we … Continue reading

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