Can I Sue for Personal Injury without a Lawyer? 5 Tips How to File a Personal Injury without a Lawyer

file personal injury lawsuit without lawyer Can I Sue for Personal Injury without a Lawyer? 5 Tips How to File a Personal Injury without a LawyerWhen we tell an insurance company that we are going to settle the claim by our own selves without the help of a lawyer, they will commonly looking at us as if we are chopped meat. But don’t surrender. It is totally possible to sue for personal injury without lawyer. Here are the tips to do it right.

#1. Gather Up All Bills and Reports

Do not wait until the insurance company does it for us. It is pretty simple to do if we are willing to collect it every time we are on it. We need the medical reports, receipts, and bills, as well as the police records and eye witnesses testimonies. Don’t let insurance company take control on this.

#2. Make Documentation on Evidence

We should make good photograph about the accident. Make sure we have enough and good photograph of the car, right on parts that are damaged. Sometimes, the bills and other documents are not yet enough for an insurance company to consider that we are good at this. They need double evidences in other words.

#3. Do Research on the Insurance Behaviour towards Claim

Learning about how the insurance company processes the claim is a good start. We will be informed and it leads to proactive claimer. It is a good anticipation on bad behaviour, that an insurance company may have one or two of it, so we are ready with smart strategy.

#4. Be Extremely Patient with the Adjustor

Commonly, insurance company adjustor has no legal background which means it will be simple enough to deal with him. However, they like to do it their way where we often find it slow and annoying. Let us exercise our patience while dealing with it. Polite letters and phone calls are great communication with adjustor.

#5. Negotiate Well

Most of the time, adjustor is not flexible with the amount of the compensation. However, we can always try to negotiate the compensation with him. Being reasonable and very convincing, even more than him, are always effective on negotiation process.

It has been told that the whole process will not be easy at all. Instead, it is going to be rough as we stand alone for this. However, the tips show us that several strategies are needed and are possible to be done. Let us give it some more effort and apply the tips, and get the settlement the right way.

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