7 Tips How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Medical Malpractice

what is medical malpractice lawsuit 7 Tips How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Medical MalpracticeSurprisingly, medical malpractice is a very common thing recently. Many patients have become the victim of malpractice and millions of claim is made every year. Even though it is common, we deserve not to be the victim. Here are several tips to avoid of being a victim.

#1. Select the Right Doctor

We must choose caring doctor with excellent competency to treat us. We can find recommendation on medical journal, news, and patients testimonies. Investigating the doctor as well as his staffs and hospital will be essential to ensure his skill and reputation.

#2. Be Responsible

Even though we already choose the best team and doctor to treat us, it doesn’t mean we have nothing more to do. We need to be a proactive patient who asks questions when we don’t understand and who are willing to put some effort to get healed as well.

#3. Don’t Hide Information and Facts

Many symptoms and reaction are not visible. Doctors will need our medical information and facts beside the given record. We should not hide any of the information or fact. Otherwise, it will lead to wrong treatment, wrong procedure, wrong prescription, and other wrong actions.

#4. Always Use Your Instinct

Doctors can sometimes underestimate our instinct as common people. Based on millions of experience, patients do have instinct on what is going on with their body. If we sense a problem our doctor doesn’t admit, we should push more thorough investigation just in case.

#5. Follow Instruction and Have Follow Up Program

Our doctor will give several instructions due to our healing or recovery process. We need to respectfully follow the entire diet and instruction given and immediately report any body reaction to it.

#6. Find Second Opinion

There are times when we are not yet sure about everything. In case like this, we can always go to other reputable doctor to ask for second opinion. This gives us enough sight and information before we go too far.

#7. Hire an Advocate

Advocate, who stands for our legal problem, can give enough perspective to our medical team. They will treat us in a more careful way as they don’t want to get sued by the patient. Sometimes, intimidation like this works so well.

Clearly, it is not only medical professionals who need to be really attentive and careful. Patients and the family should act the same way too. Being a victim of medical malpractice is not only about financial loss but also health problems and probably death. Let’s apply the tips.

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