5 Legal Processes and Procedures for Immigration to the United States

Many people want to apply for citizenship in United States. This can be a lot of actions and procedures. Each origin country may cause different pathway to it. However, there is general steps we will all have to file the application. The processes and procedures may include the following ones.

#1. Filing Document of Fulfilling Requirements

There are several requirements we need to fulfil before we can file a document telling that we are eligible to send the application. Commonly, the USCIS applies different requirements for several countries. We need to check on this first. Consulting to local institution may be needed as well.

#2. Sending the Application

There will be specific form we need to fill in. We will also need to send along several asked documents to USCIS to make the application valid and right. The entire sent documents should real and legally right as well. This process will probably take one or two years in common but we can always be proactive.

#3. Investigation

This investigation is done on numerous ways to cover several aspects at once. Many people make fake facts and identities. It is not accepted so investigation is a part of the processes. We may found or legal documents and files accessed but in legal way. This stage is short enough but it may take some time to get the follow up to the next step.

#4. English and History and Interview

The English and history test will be competency test that shows if you have enough to be considered as permanent resident. Then, there will be interview as well and some people get longer interview for several reasons as well. Basically, this step is done when you are legally fulfilled the administration and requirements.

#5. Green Card Grant

When a person meet the entire requirements, and he or she is able to submit and file the entire legal documents, this person will then get the Green Card, a permission issued by USCIS for permanent resident. We will get registered in US legally by USCIS.

Considering that US Citizenship and Immigration Service gives hard process for everything, it is wise that we consult to attorney or lawyer who works professionally on this field. This can also take a long time to get the entire processes and procedures completed. Read a lot of reference and ask complete questions to the related institutions for guide and information is essential.

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