5 Major Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Slips, falls, or even work accidents – they can all happen to any of us at any time. The only problem is that if you aren’t covered, you could be dealing with some serious expenses. Not only will you have medical bills for things like surgeries, check-ups and physical therapy, but you also have lots of missed days at work too. Combine those things together and you have a daunting recipe for debt. This is why hiring a personal injury attorney can be so important. A personal injury attorney won’t only help you get your hands on an injury claim settlement, he or she will also help you navigate the tricky waters of the legal system. Here are five major factors to consider before hiring a personal injury attorney.

  1. Expertise. You would be surprised to learn about how diverse and specified personal injury law is. For instance, if you slipped in a supermarket and suffered an injury, you will need to find a law firm that specializes in supermarket claims. You may also want to tap into the services of Blasingame, Burch, Garrard and Ashley, P.C, if you are experiencing an injury as the result of a botched transvaginal mesh surgery. As you can see, things in the legal world are broken down into very specific niches so be sure to do your research.
  2. Victories versus defeats. It is also important to do your research regarding the law firm’s history of victories and defeats. Like a batting record, you hope that a law firm’s wins far outweigh its losses. When you are fighting against an employer, a major corporation or some other kind of entity, you need a heavy hitter in the courtroom – a law with a reputation for winning. You can usually request this information from the law firm or browse through public records.
  3. Service. It is also important that a law firm offers excellent service. Communication is important in this regard. If you can’t get on the phone with a law firm or if a law firm doesn’t have a receptionist, you can bet that they aren’t trustworthy. If you find a lawyer who only wants to discuss matters via email and not in person or on the phone, it is probably safe to assume that you should keep looking for a lawyer.
  4. Rates. It is also important that you talk about rates. After you get a feel for a certain law firm, you can start bringing up the costs of your case. As you can probably assume, hiring a lawyer isn’t going to be cheap. But you’ll know if you hit the mark when you meet a law firm that is willing to meet in the middle somewhere. Who knows, you may find a law firm willing to take on the case pro bono until the case is settled.
  5. Trustworthiness. Can you trust your lawyer? Ideally, you want a lawyer that cares about you – not purely about the check at the end of the litigious rainbow. If you meet a lawyer that talks only about money, you probably want to keep looking. In the end, you want a lawyer that truly cares about your case and about getting you your day in court.

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