5 Benefits of Enlisting the Aid of a Criminal Defense Attorney

The average person will never have to face criminal charges. But there are all kinds of reasons why you might find yourself in criminal court. Perhaps you got behind the wheel after a couple of drinks thinking that you’d get home without incident, until you got pulled over for a DUI. Maybe you got in a fight with your spouse that turned heated and led to a domestic disturbance call. Or it could be that you were involved in something more serious like aiding and abetting a criminal, arson, drug possession, fraud, or even murder. There are all kinds of criminal acts that could lead to charges being filed, resulting in a court case, fines, and jail time. And whether you actually committed the crime you’ve been charged with, you were somehow justified (such as self-defense), or you’ve been wrongly accused, it’s in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney to act on your behalf in a legal capacity. Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you enlist the aid of a criminal defense attorney.

  1. Advice. When you find yourself facing criminal charges, you might not have the first idea about how to begin defending yourself. But if you listened to the Miranda warning when you were arrested, you know that you have the right to an attorney, and you should take full advantage of that right. A criminal defense attorney can lead you through the process of criminal proceedings, advising you on the best way to form your defense, how to behave in court, and whether or not to take a deal, just for example. So if you’re looking for a pro that can point you in the right direction, hire an attorney.
  2. Assistance. You’re going to have to prepare a case before you ever get to court, and then, of course, you’ll have to go through courtroom proceedings, unless you take a plea deal. If you value your freedom, this is not something you should do alone. A criminal defense attorney is uniquely qualified to assist you in your bid to avoid fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. So if you’re looking for an acquittal, or at least reduced charges, hiring an attorney that specializes in criminal defense is definitely in your best interest.
  3. Knowledge. When you take the time to find a criminal defense attorney that is familiar with the charges you’re facing, you’ll give yourself the best chance to beat them. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to look at the evidence, spot holes, and cite other cases like yours to discredit the prosecutors and potentially get you off the hook.
  4. Experience. It’s best to seek out a qualified attorney that specializes in fighting charges like the ones you’re facing. Even though a criminal defense attorney should be able to work on a variety of cases, you’re better off finding someone who deals primarily with DUI cases if that’s what you’ve been charged with, rather than a specialist in arson cases, for example. With the right experience and track record, you have the best chances of getting an acquittal.
  5. Strategy. Whether you consult with a family friend who happens to be a criminal defense attorney or you shell out the dough to hire a pro from Banks and Banks Attorneys at Law P.C. , one of the biggest benefits of getting professional help is that your attorney will devise a criminal defense strategy for you. As a layperson you probably have little idea about how criminal proceedings work, making it difficult to figure out the best way to defend yourself. But the right attorney can help you to form the best possible strategy.

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