5 Major Considerations When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

According to psychologists, a divorce is at the top of the list of things that cause the most stress. Divorce combines a number of stressful factors, which makes it a real life-shattering experience. Not only are you separating from someone you’ve probably spent a lot of time with, but you also have to organize your finances and possibly say goodbye to a few precious assets. It can be tough to hand over the keys to a house or car. Not to mention, divorce makes it incredibly complicated when you have kids. For all these reasons, you need to take great care when hiring a divorce lawyer. Here are five major considerations when hiring a divorce lawyer.

  1. Experience. There are many reasons why experience is important. For one, you want a lawyer that knows all the angles and intricacies of family tort law, especially asset protection and custody. Many people make the mistake of hiring their general counsel to represent them, but this can often provide inadequate results. When you are hiring a divorce lawyer, you want to make sure to ask how many years they have been working in their specific field.
  2. Representation. If you hire the services of a divorce law group, like The Law Office Martin Sir and Associates, you want to be sure to do your due diligence about the actual lawyer that will be representing you. Ideally, you want to choose your representation. Not only do you want to look at the experience level of each representative, but you also want to look at how many cases they have won. Having options when it comes to your legal representation is important, especially in a situation as delicate as a divorce.
  3. Communication. When you are in the middle of a sticky divorce, you want to be able to reach your legal counsel. You don’t want to wait a few hours – or a day – for a phone call or email to be returned. So, make sure that you get a commitment from your lawyer that there will be adequate communication. Not only do want adequate communication for your sake, but you also want your lawyer to be able to communicate with the other parties as well, especially the judge.
  4. Cost. This is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. If the lawyer is good and has a good batting average, it may be worth the cost. However, there is a difference between expensive and exorbitant. If the lawyer is charging your hundreds of dollars per hour and adding a bunch of miscellaneous fees, you probably want to seek counsel elsewhere.
  5. Comfortability. Out of all the considerations, this is an important one. If you want to have an efficient working relationship with your counsel, you want to make sure you are comfortable with your lawyer. If you meet with your lawyer and don’t get along, your case’s outcome may be very disappointing. In the end, you want an ally during a divorce – someone that can fight with you to have your case resolved and in your favor.

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