8 Things You Need to Know about Writing a Will

what does a last legal living will and testament look like must know 8 Things You Need to Know about Writing a WillConstituting a will brings a lot benefit to us and our family too. We will have our financial, assets, and health care taken care of, and our family members remain well informed and managed even though we are getting incapable of it. Here are several things we need to be aware of while writing a will.

#1. We Need an Executor

Executor will be the person who makes sure that the entire things listed on a will really happen. An executor can be a closest friend or a relative. Some people choose a lawyer for the job.

#2. We Need Two POA

It is suggested that we appoint two persons for two different POA. Commonly, it is divided based on the responsibility. One person will be in responsible on our financial matter while the other is in charge on our health care.

#3. We Must Name a Guardian

This is a must especially to those who have kids under 18. Naming a guardian prevents the state to decide where our kids going and who is going to look after them.

#4. Make Copies

A will should be duplicated. The original one should be kept in safest place like in bank deposit box, on your lawyer’s office, or other place you find less risky and really safe. The copy can be kept in the house.

#5. Don’t Forget to Update It

Many people get their families and close ones into trouble simply because they though updating the will weren’t necessary. Life changes and our environment is developed. Updating the will is going to keep it relevant and executable.

#6. A Will Covers Several Aspects

A will does not necessarily need to be specific and detail only on one aspect. To make it worthy and powerful, we can make sure it covers things like living will, death wishes, kids’ protection, care, and education, financial management, and other things we find important.

#7. A Will Lets You in Control

Some people think that everything is going to be ok even without a will. In reality, many families suffers on many problems simply because there is no will made so the government decides everything which is often displeasing.

#8. You Can Hire a Lawyer or Do It Alone

A will can be drawn by our own selves. We will need to gather as much information as possible so we can make it formal and eligible. In alternative, a lawyer can do all the jobs well with a couple of hundred dollars.

Those things remain us that writing a will can be both simple and complicated. It is why lawyer asks for high fee for helping us writing it. However, considering the benefits, it will worth the effort.

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