7 Guide How to Maintain Health Insurance after Divorce

health insurance after divorce for divorced spouse 7 Guide How to Maintain Health Insurance after DivorceHealth insurance is an important aspect since it covers protection to our number one asset, our health.  But maintain the insurance after a divorce is a different task. How do we do it? Here is the guide to maintain our health insurance after a divorce.

#1. Make Sure We Get the COBRA

COBRA is a program the government has to protect people with good management on health insurance. If our spouse work in a company with more than twenty employees, we will get the health insurance from the company.

#2. The Sixty Days Rule

The only thing that we need to do so that we can get the COBRA is to inform the related authorities that we will get a divorce within sixty days. Commonly, proper notice is already enough to get covered.

#3. Check on Our Employer Coverage

In alternative to our spouse employer, we can also try to find out if our employer also offers such coverage to the employees. Commonly, a company has such coverage and we only need to submit our identity and proposal.

#4. Consider Non Group Insurance

Non group insurance tends to be a lot cheaper than the group one. We can manage to get the coverage once we are divorced. However, we can also ask our spouse to cover it if we are agreed on this since before the divorce.

#5. Include It on Proposed Judgement

Considering that the change after a divorce will be hard on us, listing the point on our proposed judgement allows us to grab the chance for our spouse to pay for it for certain period of time.

#6. Go to Probate and Family Court for the Kids

Our kids also need the health insurance. To make sure their needs are fulfilled, we can go to the Probate and family court that is in charge to decide who will pay for the insurance and health care.

#7. Find New Health Insurance

We can try to find a new health insurance and make sure that we are able to afford it. Several options on cheap insurance is available, and we can upgrade it later as things get better.

The guide shows us that we can put some effort and we can still keep our health insurance. Beside those ways, there may be other way as well that we can try. Get informed and find more ways to maintain our health insurance after a divorce.

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