5 Most Common Types of Neurology Malpractice

neurology malpractice insurance cost case 5 Most Common Types of Neurology MalpracticeMedical error has been a common report we hear now. This is awful but things are getting worse as many neurology departments are often reported to make horrible mistakes called malpractice. We should familiarize our mind with this before we get any problem with it. The following malpractice types are the most common that happen.

#1. Diagnostic Mistake

A neurologic condition that is misdiagnosed will lead to inappropriate treatment and medication. It can go worse and things that should have been treated well get worse. It may lead to disability on patients. Commonly, doctors fail to recognize symptoms or identify something behind less serious condition on a patient to start the mistake on diagnosis.

#2. Medication Mistake

This mistake is just as bad as the previous one. This mistake includes several actions like making wrong prescriptions to patient, inadequate dosage of drugs and/or overdose, being inattentive on drug allergies or drug reaction adversity, and wrong drug administration. All of them lead to very dangerous effects to patients condition and future chance of getting healed.

#3. Surgical Mistake

This mistake can be considered as the least common mistake that happens. However, it happens and it can be caused by poor communication and inadequate planning for the surgery. Doctors who run the neurosurgery are absolutely great doctors and they have enough for the surgery. However, planning and communication with the entire surgery staffs are extremely important for successful surgery.

#4. Post Surgery Mistake

Each patient has different milestone in getting recovered. Doctors should not be failed in recognizing any complications or unexpected reactions to the treatment. Such condition will need immediate medical action. Otherwise, patient’s condition can get extremely worse and it can be too late to fix.

#5. Negligence Problems

Treating a patient includes many parties. A doctor should establish good communication with the other medical professionals or perfect planning can instantly fall into big mistake. Outdated medical equipments and facilities, lab results misinterpretation, failure in referring patients to the right specialist and in listening on patient can be dangerous causes.

The list shows us that the condition is totally horrible right now. It doesn’t mean that we can’t trust any neurologist anymore, but we absolutely need to be really careful and to become really critical on any neurologic treatment. This can be hard to notice for common people like us but knowing the types is fine enough to start being attentive.

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