6 Most Common Types of Medical Negligence Damages

claim for medical negligence 6 Most Common Types of Medical Negligence DamagesMedical mistakes or what we often called as malpractice happen so many times. Most of them are caused by the negligence of the medical professionals. This negligence causes many kinds of damages to patient that leads to health problems and can be claimed for compensation. Here are the common types of the damage.

#1. General Damage

Several patients feel worse after a treatment. They also need to suffer from bad pain and physical disabilities. If it is caused by medical negligence, this damage is categorized as general. The damages should be determined by the court or by an agreement between two parties, patient and hospital.

#2. Special Damage

This damage is more about financial loss we have to deal with. This is totally calculable and is easier to handle. Commonly the damage includes all expenses as well as losses on financial assets for medical bills. The bills here are bills to pay any inappropriate medical treatment a patient wrongly prescribed.

#3. Interim Damage

This is basically a damage that is caught in the middle of the entire process. Commonly, patients and medical party will have an agreement on several arguments. Patient commonly gets the compensation right away. On several situations, they need to wait for the compensation but they get sum up for recent medical bills they have to pay.

#4. Punitive Damage

This damage is underlining the situation when a doctor should have recognized harmful behaviour of a patient after a treatment or surgery. Without proper action, this condition will get worse and it can be really deadly. When it comes to a claim, the amount will be several times of the general and special damage can do.

#5. Survival Statues

This is one of damages that are based on death of the patient. This one is a damage caused by negligence in treating the patient that led into malpractice. This malpractice then caused the patient’s death but then the patient miraculously survive its. The patient’s family can make the claim and sue the hospital or the doctor.

#6. Wrongful Death Statues

Because of the negligence of doctors and/or the other medical professionals, several patients got wrongful death. This is the upmost damage medical field has. Because of this damage, family can get compensation for their monetary loss. The calculation for claim can be thorough and tiring, but it often helps a lot.

Those damages have been problems on so many patients. They have to accept that their condition gets worse or they get late treatment on several stages. If we experience one of the mentioned damage, we should realize that we have the rights to get immediate medical action and compensation for the mistake. Are we on one of the damages?

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